Monday, December 7, 2009

Sabado na boda

Saturday we woke up late again. We had to rush to get over to Helena's house. Toni was doing the make-up for Heleni ( Heleni is Helena's granddaughter and is also named Helena so Heleni is a nickname so we don't get confused. ) A couple that work for Helena were getting married and had kindly invited us to the wedding. The only bad thing was that is was being held an our outside of Rio. Thus Toni was driving the four of us. We got there and Toni started on her hair. I don't think she loved it because she was screaming in Portuguese at her. He but it up and curled it. She said she looked like Amy whinehouse. I would not go that far.
The place was not easy to find. It took Toni four or five calls and we had to ask directions from people on the street until we found it. The place was not to bad. It had a patio and trees with lights. We had not eaten so I was starving. After waiting an hour they served baskets of Salgados. Salgados is the generic work for salty snacks. In this case it was empadas, ( small round empanadas ) cheese balls, shrimp balls and a breaded cheese banana snack. There was also a lot of people serving pitchers of different sodas. I found out the couple were strict Christians. This was my first Brazilian party were the place wasn't filled with beer. The snacks were great except they served us like 8 more baskets. There was also a table of chocolates, three tortes and of course a huge wedding cake.
The place filled up with people. They had a orchestra of high school kids who started playing. Heleni was a bride grooms so she left to walk in with her date. We took pictures as the bride came in and then sat down. The bride and groom were at a gazebo in the back area. There wasn't room for everyone so I sat at the table. The micro-phone went in and out so I didn't get the whole sermon but he seemed to like to yell. When it was done we took photos. At his wedding everyone got to take a photo of the bride and groom. Me and Heleni got chocolates. Toni was ready to leave so we didn't wait for them to cut the cakes.

When we got home Toni was starving. We went to the sushi restaurant by Lagoa lake that we had been to several times with Helena. In fact, when we got there Helena was there with her friends the motoristas ( drivers...they drive cars for a living.) We had two draft beers with them and then they left. Me and Toni stayed and ordered a steak with a fried egg on top. It also came with rice and french fries. Jean Willis called while we were eating and wanted us to meet him in Lapa. Lapa is the neighborhood close to Centro, or downtown. It is famous for the arches that carry a train at the top that goes from Centro to the other neighborhood Santa Teresa. We went to this gay club called Estrella club ( star club ). When we arrived the street was filled with young cute guys smoking. We had to pay 50 reias to get in, but then it was all you could drink soda and beer. The club had three floors. The first floor had TV's playing videos. The second floor had Karaoke and the top floor was the dance floor. We drank beer until Jean came. Then we went upstairs. I was already tired from the long day so I was getting pretty tired. I was also getting pretty drunk. We stayed for a little over an hour. We went upstairs and danced a bit. The Jean and Toni sang a song each in the Karaoke floor. We Finaly left for home around 4am.

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