Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back in the Big Apple

Yesterday was exhausting. We got up hung over. Toni hosted a dinner for our wedding. We invited Marcelo, Marco, Romuldo, Guilherme and Luecia. Toni made steak stroganauf. We drank a lot of beer. I then started drinking mixed drinks. I had a Batido which is a fruit drink ( in this case mashed kiwi ) with vodka or Cachaca. In the morning we went to the office and signed our Civil union papers. We then had lunch. Afterwords Toni went to work. I shopped for gifts for my friends and family in the states. I met Toni and we went to the beach. I swam as Toni drank beer and listened to his ipod.

When we got home Toni took a three hour nap. I could not sleep so I drank wine and revised my suitcases. At three in the morning we took a Taxi for the airport. We had a beer and then waited for the TAM ticket office to open. At 6 the plane boarded and we took off on time. We went to Sao Paolo. I talked to the immigration people so hopefully I will return in May with no problems. The next 10 hours were pretty long since I had not slept. I sat in my seat like a zombie watching movie after movie. I got to New York in the evening and made it to Jenny's house. Toni had called earlier. I went and got dinner and then went to sleep.

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