Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to the big apple.

Yesterday me and Toni went to the Federal Police. It is obvious that we are not going to have my rap sheet from the FBI in time. Every foreigner who wants a visa here has to prove that he does not have a criminal record. Toni has not finished all our paperwork either. In fact we still aren't married. He is arranging health care for us. We are also almost done with changing the lease so that I am on it too.

A person is allowed to be in Brazil for 6 months a year. If I stayed here till my tourist visa was done I could not come back here till next year. I thought that maybe it was a calender year but they let us know the year starts from the first day you entered the country. If I leave March 24th I will have 12 days that I can still be in the country legally. When all our paperwork is done I will return to Brazil and we can finally apply for my visa.

Until then I am going back to New york. I arrive March 24th and stay till the 30th. I am then going to Ohio for a couple weeks. I will then return to New York for a week or two. I am not sure now. It is a strange thing to be here so long and to finally leave. I know Toni will miss me very much as I will him. I have to make the best of everything though because at this point I don't have a choice. New York. I will be in my old home again soon.

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