Monday, March 22, 2010

1 day left....( back to NYC )

Today we got up early ( easier said then done since we were drinking capirinhas until 3 in the morning ). We met Luecia and Romaldo at the licence office. Today we submitted our request for our civil union. Tomorrow we will return and sign the papers making our civil union official. Not exactly a church wedding but it is one step least it helps with immigration. We went out for coffee afterwords ( well I had a strawberry milkshake but everyone else had coffee ). We our having a dinner tonight for my civil union / trip to New york. Marcelo and Marco are coming over in the afternoon. Luecia and Romaldo are coming in the evening.

Tomorrow is my last day. My plane leaves at 6am on Wednesday. I will have to do all my packing tomorrow. The good think with us being busy is Toni does not have time to get sad or emotional. I have been contacting all my friend in New York so hopefully it will be a good visit. It is weird of me thinking of going there as a tourist and not a resident.

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