Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to life....

Well we have been back for almost a week. Saturday we were going to go to a costume party in Mesquita but it was pouring rain. Toni was working all night in Copacabana and once it started pouring he could not get a taxi home. He ended up going to Jean Willis and staying there for a couple hours. Our driver to Mesquita also canceled on us.

Sunday we got another Taxi driver to take us. They were having a Churrasco which seems like a weekly thing there. We went to Andrea's house. Andrea is Marcelo's brother. The churrasco was behind his house on a second floor patio. There was music. There was meat. There was a lot of Antartica beer. We drank. Then we drank some more. We drank for six hours. Toward the end of the night someone gave us Cachaca and coke. The taxi came for us. We stopped at Marcelo's house to pick up the dogs. When we got home I stayed up late to watch the Academy Awards on TNT. unfortunatley instead of subtitles they had people speaking portuguese over the real people talking.

Monday we went to Copacabana to run errands. We paid the rent for the month. We had lunch. We paid the light bill and Toni's bill for school. We were going to see a movie but nothing we wanted to see was at the Roxy. We then bought some whiskey and groceries. We got a taxi home. Monday night we watched the new Sexta-feira 13 ( Friday the 13th ) and drank scotch. Toni likes horror movies. He got a little angry though when he heard a noise in the bedroom and when he went to investigate I snuck up behind him and gave him a good scare. He said he almost had a heart attack. He is a little dramatic.

I have been waiting to get a card to take my fingerprints to send to the FBI. I can't get a visa without getting my police record. It does not look like I will be getting my Visa in the next month so I will probably be returning to the United States for awhile in April. I am not sure how I feel about his but I don't really have a choice.

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