Monday, March 15, 2010

Domingo ( Sunday )

Sunday Guilherme came over. We all had dinner here at the apartment. Toni made stroganauff which is very popular in Rio. He served it with Rice and also a vegtable. After lunch we went to Ipanema beach. We normally get chairs and a beach umbrella but instead we opted to lie down on our towels. We bought beers from the beach vendors and started drinking. I went into the water three times. Toni rarely goes into the water because he says it is too cold. The day was cloudy. The sun shone a few times but it was mostly overcast. In the evening we walked to Galaria which is a half block from the beach. Galaria is a bar but just for today they were using it as a fair. The place was full of trendy clothes. Toni purchased a yellow v neck t-shirt. Guilherme tried some things on but didn't buy. After this we went to a restaurant and ordered draft beers. Toni called Antonia on the phone and she met us. We ordered deep fried pieces of fish. Guilherme ordered two pastels. Outside it started to rain. We decided to go home. Antonia left in a taxi. It took awhile for us to get another Taxi but eventually we did.

When we got out of the taxi Guilherme noticed a man on the other side of the street. His friend got into our taxi. Guilherme went to talk to the man and we went upstairs. Guilherme basically hooked up with the man. I don't know what they did but Guilherme showed up soaking wet in our apartment after about 15 minutes. We started drinking whiskey and red bull and playing cards. We ended up drinking the whole bottle of Johnny Walker red label and even drinking a Capirinhia each. Guilherme invited this new young boy he is kind of dating. Late at night Guilherme and his boy toy left. We finally went to bed around 3am.

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