Monday, February 1, 2010

fim da semana/ Unidos da Tijuca

Friday Toni worked in Barra de Tijuca. I could of gone to the mall there but I was there last week. Instead I stayed home. I basically do what I do when I am home alone. I took the dogs out. I read my book, The Host which is actually really good. I played a little PS3...I am now playing a police game called Condemned 2 Bloodshot. It is pretty violent but interesting. When Toni came home we drank and watched TV.

Saturday Toni worked at home. I decided to get out so I went to the pool. Most of my social interaction lately has been with the kids from the Condominium. They now yell my name when I come to the pool. I am a regular now. At first they sensed that I was a gringo so they did not really talk to me. Gringo is a little different then in other latin countries. In other countries Gringo is a white person. In Brazil Gringo is anyone who is not Brazilian. In this case a Clumbian or a Mexican would be considered Gringos. After time the kids have grow more brave and now they ask me lots of questions. Brazilians are very interested in New York. There was about 10 kids in the pool. There were also adults but they stayed my the Churrascario ( the BBQ ). There are also two picnic tables and lots of chairs. Beer is not permitted in the pool area. So the adults were all drinking beer and would occasionally take a quick shower. There is two showers outside by the pool. You are also suppose to shower before getting into the pool. The condos rules are a little strict. After about two hours I went back to the apartment. I was a nice shape of red. Guilherme called and invited us to a samba school practise. The school is Unidos da Tijuca. There are kind of famous for being the most " gay " samba school. The school is also really close to our house. Unlike Beija flor which is an hour away. Guilherme showed up in the evening with a quarter bottle of whiskey and four beers.Toni made whiskey and red bulls. He started cutting Guilherme hair. I got ready for the evening. Guilheme was already a little drunk by the time the hair cut was finished. Toni ordered us a Pizza and we started drinking beers. Toni tried to teach Guilherme to dance to shakira. Guilherme also tried to teach me to samba. The samba is harder then it looks to learn. Toni has since taught me that it is more in the hips. Guilherme does not dance as well as he thinks he does. We got a taxi to the school. The school is not really a school at all but a large community center. We could buy Cintra beer there for $3 reais a can. We started drinking. It is easy to see that Unidos da Tijuca is in fact very gay. The crowd was mostly men with a few fag hags thrown in. There was also a few drag queens in full Carnival attire. Guilherme ran into a group of people he knew. Either that or he just wanted to hook up with a cute boy. Unfortunately Guiherme was a little too drunk because the boy was afraid of him. We went to the middle of the dance floor and sambad. Well, I tried at least. It is a pracitise because the whole drum band is there with the singers and they sing classic samba songs from there school and also others. I have been here long enough that I actually recognize some of them. We ended up getting home kind of late. We took a Taxi outside the school which of course cheated us by charging us $10 extra Reais because it was so late. What else could we do. Toni complained but in the end we had to pay.

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