Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OH CARNIVAL ( part 2 )

On the fourth night of carnival we met up with Guilherme in the evening. He showed up in a taxi at our house with a new boyfriend from Sao Paolo. We went to a Italian place called Felice in Ipanema for dinner. Afterwords we went to a club called Posto 8 which was also in Ipanema. It was on the second floor and has windows that face the beach. It was a costume party but we did not know in advance. I was wearing my Beija-flor carnival shirt that I bought the night before. We stared drinking beers. They played a good mix of Samba with regular pop songs thrown in. Jean Wills and Rita Ribera both showed up with some of there friends. We drank till about 3am.

The next day we got up late. Toni arranged a Taxi to Mesquita. We loaded up our things ( and the dogs ) and took the hour trip there. It was in the afternoon and they were have a Churrasco at Penha's house. She has a small pool in the backyard this is about 4 feet high and six feet around. We drank and when it got too hot swam in the pool. In the evening we put on our costumes ( fantasias ) and walked to the town square. There was a band playing. There was two streets of tents for beer and food. Toni was batman and I was Zorro. Batman was very popular and Toni had to shake hands with a lot of kids and take pictures. Zorro was somewhat popular, We drank again. It was fun but more then a little hot. I had it easier then Batman since he has a rubber mask. At the end of the night we went back to Marcelo's to go to sleep. The next day we said goodbye to the dogs and took a bus back to Rio centro. Toni had to work so I started packing. We leave tomorrow for Salvador. The past week went so quickly it is hard to believe we are going on our trip already.

In Rio the city is cleaning up the Carnival mess. The Sambodomo is empty and will be used once next Sunday for the top schools to march one last time. The beaches are still crowded with tourists, but not so many. Today they announce the winning samba school. The city will then take a very short break and then begin planning for next years carnival. Oh carnival!

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