Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost Carnaval

The last two days I have gone to the beach. I hear the weather in New York and Ohio has been really terrible. Here it has been in the 90s. Buyu is here. Both days we went to Copacabana beach. Buyu's friend Hugo ( nephew of Antonia ) has been hanging out playing volleyball with Buyu during the day. The last two night me and Toni have had a couple drinks at night. I am a little worried about the Student Visa. I think it will be a pretty complicated process. Nothing is ever easy with immigration. I need to get a letter of acceptance from a school that is certified from the Ministry of Education, bank records that prove that I have money enough to support myself in Brazil, passport, 2 photos, copy of plane ticket and FBI clearance. FBI clearance is basically my rap sheet...Brazil does not want our criminals. Toni called some schools but so far no luck. Puc ( a private catholic university ) is probably my best bet but it is expensive and the classes do not start for awhile. Our biggest problem is finding a school that will have classes in April or May. Most start in August or February so that means I would not be in Brazil for like six months.

I am excited that the trip to Salvador is coming up. Toni has a friend who owns an apartment in Recife so we can stay there for free. We still have to book our hotel in Salvador. Carnival will be this weekend. Only a few days. I still don't know what we will do. Since we are spending so much money on our vacation I don't think we will be doing anything too expensive for Carnival. It will be nice just to spend all day at the beach with everybody.

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