Monday, February 15, 2010


Well it is carnival once again in Brasil. For five days the city is filled with Tourists and everybody parties. There are street parties ( bandas ) all over the city. The Samba schools are parading at the Sambadomo. The beaches are filled during the day.

My Carnival is a little more tame. We avoid the big bandas ...they are more for drunk tourists. Plus carnival is a busy time for Toni so he has had to work most of the days. Buyu was staying with us but after a few days he disappeared with his friends. Me and Toni went out Friday but got into a fight at the bar. It was over something really dumb ...a bit of miscommunication. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with things here...and sometimes Toni needs to learn when to leave things alone. We made up Saturday morning and things were better Saturday night. We went to Ipanema beach during the day but it was horrible. A banda was going on so there were too many people. The gay beach was so crowded you could not even make it to the water. We settled for a little space further away. The price for a umbrella or chair was like double what it is normaly so we settled for our beach towels. Amy Winehouse ( Not the real Amy ...but the brazilian version ) met us. I went to the water which was freezing code. I seriously think it is a current right from the Antarctica. The waves were really strong too. The people beside us were singing and really loud. I said we should just go to Copacabana and everyone agreed. We walked there through the banda. Helena called to have her make up done so Toni left us. I spent two hours with Amy who just complained the whole time. Amy is kind of skinny and a mess ( like the real Amy W ) so she is not lucky in love. Atlantic avenue was closed for Carnival so we watched everyone walking and drinking while we waited for Toni. When he came we went to the store quick and then home. Marcelo and Marco met us there and then we went to dinner with Helena. After we ate and I had two drinks we went to the Sambadomo. We did not have seats but you can see everyone getting ready and all the floats before they enter the stadium. I really want to march in the parade or at least gets seats but right now all my money is for our trip this week to Salvador. We drank and had street food. We then went home and watched the parade on TV.
The next day we went to the beach all day. The water was really cold again but at least the seats on the beach were better.
Tonight we are going to a party and tomorrow we are going to a Churrasco in Mesquita. Well we have to take the dogs to Marcelos so i guess we are making a day of the whole thing.

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