Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red tape...

The last three days have been kind of hellish. I have until next Tuesday to finish all my paperwork for my permanent visa. The last three days we have gone to the immigration department that is run by Polica federeis ( Federal Police ) that is located at the airport. The airport from our house is about $35 reias. There is a bus that goes to and from Copacabana that is $8 reais but it does take awhile because it also stops at the local airport and runs through centro.
When we get there we take a number and it usually takes us about 2 hours to talk to someone.

This is basically what they require for a gay couple wanting a permanent visa ( When one is a estranghero ..or foreigner )

A form with your ..birthdate..parents info...etc

A letter basically telling your history with the other person...when you met long...basicaly a one page essay...filled our by the Brazilian ( Toni in my case ).

Proof of marriage from another country ( which does not work for Americans...since it is not legal here ) or
Certificate from a judge...which we don't have...or
declaration of civil union....Bingo....that we do have of the following.

and then

Proof that we are dependent on each other...or..
certificate of a religious ceremony...nope..we don't have that either...or
Proof that we purchase or rent and apartment together...which we do have from this group.
or A bank account together...which is impossible because Brazilian banks don't give account to foreigners.

A letter from the Brazilian that he will be responsible for the other person

Proof of work...which Toni had to provide ...that he can provide for us.

Copy of Toni's Identification and a copy of my complete passport.

Proof that the foreign person is not a criminal ( which is the FBI form that I spent the last three months getting...and it has to be within the last 90 days )

You have to pay $102 tax. ( you have to download the form by Internet and pay in a bank )

The foreign person has to write a letter claiming he is not married in his home country.

2 pictures ( passport style ) 0f foreigner and one of the Brazilian.

All copies of forms need to be legalized in a Notary office....Everything. And the notary office is usually a nice hour wait. We have all spent a fair amount of time in Toni's bank and a copy center.

We are close ...but we won't be able to go again till Monday...which is cutting it short when the deadline is Tuesday. I can't of had a little argument with Toni because some of this could of been done while I was in New York. We have basically done everything in the last few well as fill about our health insurance forms and translate my FBI form. This was one of the times when the Brazilian relaxed way of life is really driving me crazy. But if everything goes well I everything will be done....and I just have to wait for my visa to actually come.

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