Monday, July 5, 2010

Red tape....finished.

Today me and Toni went to the airport to finish with our paper work. We went early so we thought we would get in quickly. Instead we waited 4 hours. But they gave out 46 number and we got number 42 so the people that came in the afternoon could't get an appointment. We went to the same agent that we saw that last times. He is very nice and helpfull. We showed him all our documents. Everthing was good. He finaly gave us a slip of paper with my picture. It is basicaly my temporary visa. It is good until my Permanant visa comes in 2 years. I also have to get a stamp every 180 days. The good news Is that I can do everything I need to do until then. I can get a job, bank account and drive in Rio. I did have to apply at the Department of work but they said I would get a card and be able to work in 30 days. I guess It is time to look for a Language school now.

We went and got groceries afterwords. Toni made steak and pasta for dinner. Toni is of course very excited that I don't have to leave tomorrow. SO the adventure continues...


  1. congratulations, you can breath easy for a while...

  2. Yes now the stress will be finding a job...but at least I am here.