Friday, July 9, 2010

Into the groove

Den visited this week. Den is a friend from New York. We worked together in the late 90's at Emporio Armani. I have seen him on and off at the bars and clubs in New York ( Splash and the Roxy ). He called me and said he was staying in an apartment in Ipanema. I took a bus the next day and went to the gay beach. He wasn't there so I walked to the apartment. I told the door guy my name but the owner of the apartment did not accept me. I started walking back down the side walk and Den came out yelling my name. He hadn't recognized my name through the doorman's accent. He went back up and got some of this things and we went to the beach. Toni was working but came to meet us afterwords. The sun was out. Winter in Rio has not been very cold or rainy so far. We then all went to lunch at our favorite Ipanema restaurant.

Monday night me and Toni met Samuel and went to a party that was held in a hotel on Copacabana beach. We stayed until four in the morning. It was funny because at the end of the night they served a breakfast upstairs so everybody just left the dance floor, went upstairs and ate and then left. They had tea, coffee and Juice. Portuguese bread with cheese and ham. And bowls of fruits, apples, pairs and bananas.

Toni worked a few times during the week. I went shopping and got us a new Coffee maker, frying pan and soap dish. Toni finally starting going to English class again and I helped him study the one night. Next week the big mission will be to find me a language teacher.

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