Wednesday, July 14, 2010

another week....

This week has kind of been slow. Since the paperwork in the visa is done, I don't have that to worry about. This week I wanted to find a language teacher. Toni is suppose to call an old teacher of his that teaches Portuguese as well as English. Toni has worked the past two days in the favellas. He doesn't like to..because he is terrified of favellas...but i guess work is work. For those who don't know the favellas are the slums. In Rio they are usually on the mountain side but he is going to one by the airport today. I went to the grocery store and then made lasagna for tonight. It has been cool today and lightly raining. We are maybe going to the beach tomorrow but it depends on the weather.

I have been playing a lot of video games. I finished the game SAW and am now playing Infamous. Both games have been a lot of fun. Toni's sister in law has been coming on Saturdays to clean our house for us ( for a charge of course ). She sometimes brings her son Peo and spends the night. Toni is happy that the house is clean but it usually only last a few days with our two dogs. I would rather we didn't because we aren't exactly rich right now. I can't complain though since I am such a bad house keeper myself.

The other night we saw Eclipse at the theater. I liked it but it isn't for everyone. It is more of a teen if you go into thinking it is a horror or action film you will be disappointed. I read all four books in Spanish when I was studing that language. I think we are going to Knight and day...the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diez it is called Encontro Explosivo ( explosive date ). It is weird to find out what movies and shows are named here...Tru Blood is called Gosto por Sangue ( Taste for blood ).

I talked to Toni today and I think we might go to Sao Paulo soon. That should be a fun trip.

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