Wednesday, June 2, 2010

17 days left....

Time is starting to get a little quicker. I have 17 days left until I return to Brazil. I have my document. I have had it legalized by the Brazilian consulate. I have been going out with friends. I went out to dinner with Tony and his boyfriend Chris one night. I went to see a DJ with my friend from work, Jacob. Me and Yeidy saw Prince of Persia last night. I have purchased more video games. I also got some make-up and underwear for Toni and Guilherme.

The 9th of June is Yeidys birthday so I am happy I can share that with her. She was over Saturday while the girls were out and we drank two bottles of wine and sang Abba karaoke on playstation 3.

Toni is patient but he is very glad I am coming. I work full time up until the day I leave. We started our annual sale so that has made things go by a little quicker. If feels strange to leave my life here in New York to get accustomed to a life in Brazil...only to return here and get used to my old life again.

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