Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to Rio...

I made it to Rio ok. I left Sunday morning bright and early. I was a little hung over because I went to dinner and then drinks with Andrew and Yeidy. The fligth was 10 hours and landed directly in Rio. I saw about 4 filmes but none of them were that great. Toni met me at the airport. I had to buy a playstaion 3 for Jinata, our landlady, who was so excited she was waiting for us at home. We took a taxi because Toni had been drinking beer while he was waiting.

After some unpacking me and Toni had dinner. Toni had made a large whole baked chicken with potatoes. We also had rice and beans. We then had some whiskeys and red bulls. We stayed up talking and I played one of the video games I brought.

The next day we woke up late and had lunch. We then went into Copacabana to run errands. Toni had to get a lease that we need for our paperwork legalized at the office of Registry. We also had to drop off my FBI document to the transaltor who is friends with Toni's friend Romulado. We then went to visit Apracida. I had bought a bottle of Pablo Picasso perfume for her at duty free. I met her husband for the first. After our visit it was getting late so we went home and made dinner and watched a horror movie that I had brought from america. It was touristas and is about a doctor who kidnappes toursists and robs their organs. Toni likes horror movies and I figured he would enjoy the Northeast brazilian setting.

The next day we woke up and in the afternoon a lady came to sign us up for a health plan. Medical treatment is free in Brazil..but if you want better care without waiting in lines forever it is a good idea to get a health plan. Also we need it as one of our requirements for my visa. Entering the country I was given 16 days to arrange total to apply for my visa. We are both kind of nervous to get eveything done but we are getting closer to having everything done.


  1. Nobody forced you to drink on Saturday... I thought you had a great time.

  2. I did have a great time...thanks for everything!