Saturday, June 19, 2010

The last day....( again )

Today is my last day in New York ...well again. I said all my Good byes before...but here I am doing it again. I lived at Jenny and Nishas for 2 months so I am sure they are ready to have there spare room back. I enjoyed working at Etro again. The new people were really great...Zack and Jr. And it was great working with Brenda, John, Jacob and Vanessa again. It was really great getting a paycheck again. But it is time to leave.

Toni has obviously been anxious for my return. My short couple weeks trip turned into three months. I have my FBI document so I just need to get in translate in Brazil. We have to get my health insurance and then hopefully we can apply for my permanent visa.

My flight is at 10am in the morning tomorrow on TAM. It is a direct flight and I will arrive in RIO around 9 at night. Toni will be waiting for me. I hope to begin blogging a little more regularly then.

I had some good times with my friends Tony, Yeidy and Andrew. I look forward to seeing them in Brazil or when I visit New York again. Good bye New york....I love you!

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